IMG_0714Jecoa Ross is a PhD Student and Assistant Instructor in the University of Texas at El Paso Department of History. His research interests revolve around sexuality, gender, and race in the law on the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands in the 19th and 20th centuries, focusing specifically on the creation and enforcement of the Texas sodomy statutes. His research also includes the broader history of sexuality, constructions of gender and race in culture and in the law, psychiatry and empire in the early modern to modern periods, and World, U.S., Borderlands, and Texas history in general.

In addition to his academics, Jecoa is also a Music Artist who has been involved in different projects in and around the Atlanta, Austin, El Paso, and Houston areas. Most recently, he played guitar, oud, and sang in UTEP’s Arabic music ensemble, Layali al-Sham from 2011 to 2017. His solo project New Pop Suicide is currently on a brief hiatus, but will resume recording and performing later this year.